Advanced Pistol & Home Defense Training

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June 6, 2020
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March 22, 2021
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Advanced Pistol & Home Defense Training


Step up your pistol skill training

with John Ferro / 1st & 3rd Monday of the month (beginning April 5th)

1/2 a day (0900 – 1200 hrs) with instruction and practical exercises in range safety and basic firearms & holster work. You will learn to safely draw your pistol, engage multiple targets/threats and move to cover. Then the second part of the day (1300-1600 hrs) we move to the shoothouse area for home safety & scenario based pistol training.
Although this will be offered for those already familiar with pistols and probably already have their CCW License, a Certificate will be issued which currently meets the requirements for the Florida Concealed Carry License for those for some reason needing to still apply.
Two options:
  1.  Charge $79 for the first half day (Certificate issued) You will need to bring 50 rounds of factory ammo for this option
  2. $150 for the full day. You will need to bring an additional 100 rounds of factory ammo for this option.
  • Your own pistol which meets approval of your Instructor
  • factory ammunition
  • eye & ear protection.
Today or to reserve your training contact John at cellphone 386-747-8677
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