Long Range

Fridays and Sundays

The Long Range (900 Yard) Is OPEN 2 days a week

This is reservation only through our RSO Long Range Discipline Director Cost for Qualification is $50.00 for club members & $100 dollars for non members. Cost per shooting session is $50.00 for club members and $100.00 for non members. We are currently keeping all calibers 30 caliber and below AND less than 3200 FPS.
For more information please send us an email and use the subject line Sign Me Up! There are current limits to the amount of shooters each day, and it will be on a first come, first reserved basis. If you have been waiting for this moment, it has arrived!
  • If no reservations are made, you will not be able to shoot.
  • If you made a reservation and wish to cancel, PLEASE contact us using the form below with the word CANCEL next to your name.
  • Long Range Qualification Fee & Date

    Long Range Fees

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