Vehicle Tactics

Tactician 0-7
August 30, 2021
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Vehicle Tactics


We spend a large amount of time in and around our vehicles everyday, going to/from work, going places with the family, driving around, being in a parking lot, etc… So it makes sense that we should learn how to defend ourselves in a vehicle and around it!


This class will take the student from the basics of vehicle tactics from the inside of the vehicle to exiting safely with a firearm, also working around the vehicle, engaging threats and multiple targets. Not only will the students perform these tasks with conventional shooting (both hands) but also strong and support hand only. We will discuss the weaknesses of a vehicle and where is the safest location, also what projectiles do when penetrating through a vehicle. The students will have a chance to shoot through the windshield and we will study what the projectile does when shot through a windshield. We will be training movement on the ground and how to efficiently move from one side to another and get back up safely with the least amount of energy. In this class there will be a lot of dry firing followed by live fire. The students will have a chance to perform many reps before shooting.

Since this is a one day class, we will have a working lunch so bring food with you as we won’t be leaving the range. I have marked it as optional to bring a notepad but I would highly recommend you to bring one.

Class Date is Sunday 7 November 2021 0830-1700 

Students Prerequisites:

All students must continuously execute the four firearms safety principles and be able to safely draw and re-holster their firearm.
You must be at least 21 years old, a U.S. Citizen, and not prohibited by any Federal, State, or Local law from possessing firearms.
You will be required to sign at least one waiver at the start of class (Instructor waiver and potentially a range/club waiver.). Instructors and RSOs have the right to remove from the class anyone who displays unsafe behavior and/or do not appear to be of sound and responsible mind and body.

This is not a shooting class, this is a tactics class, you should be already proficient in the art of shooting and gun handling.

This class can be physically demanding due to some of the movements the students must perform.
Equipment needed:

Any caliber handgun 9mm and up
Minimum of 3 mags
Minimum of 400 rounds
A safe and secure holster (No Serpa, minimalist holsters or holster that can collapse on itself) and mag pouches
Eye and ear protection
Marker/Sharpie (yes bring one!)
Proper attire: No open toe shoes, no loose clothing
Hydration and snacks/lunch
Optional equipment:

Ball cap
Folding chair
Questions? Contact me at
1 day (8 hours) class. Maximum students in this class is 10

Vehicle Tactics

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