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  • Defensive Shooting Concepts
  • Holsters and equipment needed
  • Mindset and Mental Preparation
  • Surviving the Aftermath of a Defensive Shooting
  • Confronting an Intruder or Assailant
  • Defensive Shooting
  • 3/4 hip, flash sight picture, nose index, point shoulder & rear attack
  • Utilizing Cover and Concealment
  • Shooting on the move

This is the reality of a deadly threat encounter. As most of you know, most gun battles occur within 1 to 21 feet, are over in two to four seconds and fire anywhere from one to five rounds. Are you prepared enough to protect yourself and your family if the need arrives? Can you draw from concealment, engage multiple threats(2or3) with at least two shots each, in under 2 seconds? That's how long you have in the real world to come out a survivor instead of a victim! If you can, then great; but most of you, without proper training and continued practice, will not be able to successfully defend yourself if faced with a determined criminal. I would like to help change that!

Cost:  $200.00 ($150.00 for VCGHC members)
Time: 9am to 5pm
ammo requirements: 300 rounds
Please contact me and RSVP asap; classes fill quickly.


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