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Defensive Shotgun Course

Shotguns not only provide an excellent means of self-defense, they are also used for hunting and recreation. Our six hour training class focuses on the basic principles of shotgun shooting for self defense, but these same skills would equally apply to other sporting uses.

You will learn how to safely load and unload a shotgun and how to safely store it for defense use in the home. Our goal is to teach you how to quickly acquire a target and allow you to respond appropriately. We will also go over transitions, using proper cover and concealment techniques, proper use of flashlights and optics. In addition, you will learn how to reduce stoppages and clear malfunctions.

We recommend using a twelve gauge but a twenty gauge is also acceptable. Nearly any quality shotgun will do, but we would like you to have a good deal of experience handling a suitable defensive shotgun.

Barrel length should not exceed twenty inches. Your shotgun should have a stock, either fixed or folding. Shotguns must have slings, as we will be running a hot range.

You will need 100 rounds of shotgun ammunition. We recommend 00 buckshot in the standard, nine-pellet loading. Federal, Remington, Winchester and other reputable manufacturers produce this load in great abundance, as it is the standard used by most law enforcement departments. Other sizes of buckshot are acceptable, but 00 renders the best performance. We do not recommend any of the magnum shot shell loading, 2 3/4" or 3". The magnum loadings are very uncomfortable to shoot and offer little benefit in return. We do not recommend bird shot and other reduced-recoil loadings. You need to practice shooting the real thing!

Cost: $300.00 per student

Ammo requirements: 100 rounds

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