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Class G Teacher wanted!

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Class G Teacher wanted!

Postby Dan Gilardi » Fri Oct 01, 2010 2:21 am

Are there any members that teach the Class G Armed Security Guard license? I already have my D License and my CWP, I just need my G License to do armed security gigs and armed executive protection stuff. I was originally going to go to Brantley and Associates, but I would prefer to train with a member at the range instead of spending 16 hours in a room watching worthless VCR tapes about the popular firearms tactics from the early 1950s.

I already have a decent amount of experience with firearms drills and tactics (guns - pistol, AR, and shotgun; tactics - solo, working with a partner, and protecting a principal), so I promise I won't be TOO horrible of a student. ;) I just figure if I'm going to shell out the money for a class I might as well get in some decent trigger time and learn something.

Dan Gilardi
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Re: Class G Teacher wanted!

Postby SBeery » Sun Oct 03, 2010 7:55 am


I work with Dr. Dan Miller, who is the owner of a private investigative agency and security agency. This is where I took my D & G classes. It's close-in Daytona Beach and you will do your qualifying at our range.
Here is Dan's number: 386-299-7087
Give him a call and tell him I referred you. :banana:
Sean Beery
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