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Training - Introduction to Long Range Shooting

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Training - Introduction to Long Range Shooting

Postby goettschvcghc » Sun Mar 06, 2011 10:00 pm

Introduction to Long Range Shooting

Date: April 2nd & 3rd (possible April 4th make-up day)

Location: Volusia County Gun and Hunt Club, 4645 E. SR 44, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168

Instructed by: Scot Goettsch and Sean Beery

Prerequisite: VCGHC Defensive Rifle Class or equivalent

Cost: $300 for Two Day Class, call contact below or sign up at ... ation.html

Class contact: Scot Goettsch, 415-699-9641

Class Description
Your time will be split between classroom and field shooting. There will be two (2) classes held on different days. Each class will last approximately eight (8) hours and will start at 9am and wrap-up around 5pm.
We’ll will start at the basics and cover safety in depth. Then we will transition you show you the science behind long range shooting, and then apply it in the field. The rifles, ammo (no handloads) and other items are supplied by the attendee (see below) however, not mandatory. When you are finished with this class you will have a cursory understanding of long range ballistics and field shooting at ranges up to 600 yards. Please notify instructor of your rifle, cambering, and optic equipment.

Day 1 – Basic Rifle Course / Intro to Long Range Rifle I

Day 2 – Intro to Long Range Rifle II

Topics Covered – Intro to Long Range I (live fire held on the 300 yard range)
• Interior, Exterior & Terminal Ballistics
• Ammunition selection
• Precision Rifle Log Book (basic)
• Bench & Field Shooting Techniques
• Confirming Zero
• Cold Bore Shots
• Rifle Optics
• Mil dot reticle
• Required magnification
• Equipment purchase options
• Maintenance
• AR type rifles welcome
Topics Covered – Intro to Long Range II (held on the extended range out to 600 yards)
• Precision/Sniper Log Book (advanced)
• Shot Placement
• Rifle Optics (advanced)
• Mil dot / MOA reticle (advanced)
• Rangefinding Techniques
• Unknown distance calculations
• Wind Doping & Compensation
• Uphill /Downhill Shooting calculations
• Spotter / Shooter Communication
• Equipment setup procedures
• Confirmation of setup
• Effects of Weather
• Most AR type rifles not allowed (contact instructor with questions)
Suggested Course Materials
• Rifle with Scope
• 250 rounds quality ammo
• Bipod (recommended)
• Manuals for Rifle and Scope
• Prone Mat, sandbags
• Eye & ear protection
• Binoculars
• Spotter Scope
• Wind meter (optional)
Items supplied with paid course fee
• Course outline handout
• Ballistic Data Book (included in class fee)
• Target dimensions table (for range estimation)
Topic covered may change without notice
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