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Need your expertise

Issues regarding the reloading of ammunition

Re: Need your expertise

Postby cdelong » Mon Dec 12, 2011 7:48 pm

Hit up my ad under the FS section. Lots of brass, bullets, dies and other stuff for sale up for sale.

Like you say- loading 9mm takes a few thousand rounds to recoup your initial investment, but once you start reloading different calibers.. i.e- .45ACP, .357's, .44mag and rifle cartridges, the savings add up fast. I started out with a Dillon 550 progressive and it took me about 1500 rounds of .45's to break even. I've loaded over 20K pistol and rifle rounds this year alone- mostly .45's and .308's, so my savings is huge since my press was paid for a long time ago. Try to buy .308 Match bullets for $50/100..... Federal Gold Match bullets cost $30/20!! That's 1/3 the cost of factory ammo. Some nights I pound out 100 rifle loads and other nights 500 pistol loads.... just depends on what I'm low on and what I'm going to use in the near future.

Good bullet source for quality bullets... and I mean quality jacketed bullets is Zero Bullets. Mediocre bullets can be had for slightly less, such as plated bullets by Rainier, or Berry's, but for slightly more, or about the same cost, I order pistol bullets from Zero (Roze Distribution). Save on bulk orders as well with them. Their bullets have a much different profile than others and are a tad longer, so you'll use less powder to get the same results. I can use 0.5g less powder on a .45ACP when loading Zero's compared to Noslers, XTP's or Speer bullets and get the same velocity. I'm all for getting 150 more bullets out of a pound of powder.

Most rifle bullets I just order from Midway, or pick up at BPS/Spacecoast Bullets. Powder... Gander Mountain has about all you'll need, but guaranteed Spacecoast Bullets in Melbourne has EVERYTHING in stock. The hour drive is worth saving on shipping/hazmat fees.

Once you get into this reloading business a bit more, you'll find a progressive press to be of more use to you... or at least a Redding T7, where you don't have to swap out dies all the time. It takes me 5 minutes to swap calibers with my Dillon. I only use a single stage Lee Classis to size/deprime rifle brass before I trim it. The rest of the work is done on the progressive.
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