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We are a private club that allows its members to utilize all legal firearms within our 32 action pistol bays, 50, 75, 100, 200, 300 and 900 yard range.



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Enjoy the Open Range Days

The Volusia County Gun and Hunt Club would like to invite the general public and all First Responders within the County to come out and enjoy the finest firearms facility in the area.

  • Mondays and Wednesdays
  • $20.00 per day for the general public.
  • $10.00 per day. for Active duty and Retired military along with all First Responders
  • Please bring appropriate ID and enjoy a day at the range.
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I was at their Saturday CCW class and it was very informational and easy to learn from. The leaders Sean and Rob were friendly, knowledgable, and very patient. I will be back for private lessons. Great place. Great location. Great people!

Kerri Cark

Just looking at gun clubs to join prices seem on par and I do believe that they have a 1000 yard range.

Just started going here for matches and have so impressed with every single person who works there I had to join. Absolutely a must if you want to really learn how to handle your gun. I am so happy I found them!

Sharie Spironhi

Club Membership

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Single Quarterly
Application Fee: $75.00
Dues: $85.00
Single Semi Annual
$$245Semi Annual
Application Fee: $75.00
Dues: $170.00
Single Annual
Application Fee: $75.00
Dues: $300.00
Family Quarterly
Application Fee: $75.00
Dues: $170.00
Family Semi Annual
$$415Semi Annual
Application Fee: $75.00
Dues: $340.00
Family Annual
Application Fee: $75.00
Dues: $600.00

Our Club Team

The best Profesionals that now can become your personal gun trainer and help you
Gorka Ibanez
Gorka Ibanez
Lloyd Corny
Lloyd Corny
Manny Bragg
Manny Bragg
Rob Wescott
Rob Wescott
Herfel Torres
Herfel Torres
John Ferro
John Ferro

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